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Hx 2000 AC Drives se

Hx 2000 AC Drives

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Hx 2000 AC Drives sets the standard for the drive industry by introducing Innovative Energy Reduction, Environment friendly & HVAC System incorporates the outstanding energy savings benefits of the Hx2000 for Fans & Pump application Range: Three Phase 415V - 5.5kW to 90kW Features: V/F, Slip Compensation Built-in DC Reactor from 37 to 90kW Built-in EMC filter from 5.5 to 30kW as default (C3), optional for 37 to 55kW and 75 to 90kW satisfies EMC class 3 even without a filter Multiple-Motor Control (1 main motor and 5 auxiliary motors) Built-in 2 PID Built-in RTC for Scheduling Built-in Payback Counter Lubrication & Damper Control Dry Pump Detection Pump Clean Flow Compensation Fire Mode Password Protection Built-in Communication - BACnet, RS-485 Modbus-RTU, Metasys N2 Global Specifications Compliant- CE, UL Plenum Rated Interface: 7DI, 5(R) 1(TR) DO, 2AI, 2AO Scheduling (Time Event: Real Time Clock (RTC)): Using RTC, user can program following operating schedules for general or exceptional dates: RTC is used so that selected functions can be operated during set time (Possible to set different functions including Fx, Rx, Multiple Acceleration /Deceleration time, multiple frequency & PID, Pre-heat etc.) Using RTC, user can program following operating schedules for general or exceptional dates: 4 Time Period module (Weekly) 8 Exception Date module (Day) 8 Time Event module 29 Functions available (Fx, Rx, Step Freq., PID, etc.) Summer Time available (Start/End date setting) 3 Type of Date displaying available (EU / USA / ASIA) Multi-Motor Control (MMC): Booster Pump: MMC is used when a single drive is required to control multiple motors in pump systems. It can control 1 main motor through PID and 5 auxiliary motors through Drive & Relays, an Ideal cost effective solution for constant pressure / constant flow pumping application. Dry Pump (Under Load Protection): Prevents pump damage when there is insufficient water in the tank. If Actual load is under the Under Load (UL) Detect curve, Inverter will trigger warning or trip signal to protect the pump. Payback Counter: It displays energy saving information by comparing the average energy efficiency for operation with and without the inverter. The energy saving information is displayed as kWh, saved energy cost and CO2 emission level. Fire Mode: When an emergency such as fire occurs at suction/exhaust fans, without any hardware failure or a critical defect, the drive continuously operates to protect other systems under the set frequency and direction. Flow Compensation: In a system for longer pipes & higher flow rate, causing great pressure drop, this feature helps to compensate for pressure drop by increasing the PID reference. Pump Clean Operation: Scraps, which get built up in impellers of pumps, decrease the efficiency of motor performance. Through consecutive FWD/REV or ACC/DEC operation, the scraps get eliminated. This results in extension of pump lifespan and energy saving.

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